During this week’s broadcast of FNC’s “The Next Revolution,” host Steve Hilton called for a “complete economic disengagement” from China.

Hilton said China’s adversarial role in U.S. foreign policy is continuing to worsen over time as the country faces supply chain issues.

“For decades, the establishment in both parties bought into the globalist ideology that shipping jobs and manufacturing to China was a win-win,” he said. “China becomes more democratic, we get cheaper products and a lower cost of living. But China didn’t get more free. It got more authoritarian. The only people better off here were the elites who profited from the hollowing out of America’s Heartland and our manufacturing base. We weakened ourselves while strengthening our number one enemy.”

“And now look at what’s happening?” Hilton continued. “China is threatening an invasion of Taiwan, and just today, we see reports of a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile, far more advanced than anything we thought they had. We enabled this. We’ve made China richer so they can invest in the technology they’re now planning to use for world domination. And when I say we, I actually mean you, you, Bill Clinton, you, George Bush, you, Barack Obama, and you, Joe Biden — all of you, pushing the decades-long suck-up to China, the most disastrous strategic miscalculation in modern history.”

“China’s power is built on economic foundations that we put there,” he added. “It’s time to take them away. So no, we should not be rushing to fix our broken supply chain with China. It’s not a supply chain. It’s a noose. Let’s cut ourselves free, decouple from China, and bring back jobs to America. We may not be at war with China, but they are most surely at war with us. So, let’s use the Trading with the Enemy Act to immediately enforce a complete economic disengagement from China.”

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