On Tuesday’s “MSNBC Live,” host Stephanie Ruhle told DNC Chair Jaime Harrison that “it seems like Democrats continue to just be running against Trump” and “Democrats are going to have to start addressing” inflation “in the now and not just say it’s transitory.”

Ruhle asked, “Jaime, this is the first big test for Democrats, but in Virginia and nationwide, why is it that it seems like Democrats continue to just be running against Trump? He’s not in office.”

Harrison responded, “Well, listen, Stephanie, I wouldn’t say this is the first big test. We had to fight back and push back against the recall in California. We’ve got a race in New Jersey right now, and Virginia as well. And this is the thing, Donald Trump, if you ask the Republicans, he’s still the head of their party. Ronna McDaniel has said that often. We see that in terms of how the Republicans react. And he has endorsed Glenn Youngkin six times in this race. And so, his presence is looming still in American politics. And so, therefore, it’s important that the voters in the Commonwealth of Virginia understand that Youngkin is a Trump acolyte. This is a guy who’s against marriage equality. Last time I looked, it is 2021, Stephanie, and this guy is against marriage equality. He just has an ad out where he — I guess he wants to ban books like ‘Beloved’ written by amazing authors like Toni Morrison. I mean, again, this sort of harken back to the old past that we’ve had in this country where…there are certain elevated communities, that’s what Youngkin represents. And it’s important that we educate the voters in the commonwealth that that’s who he is.”

Ruhle then asked, “Trump is a looming threat, but he’s not in power and Democrats are. And right now, Democrats have not gotten anything done on infrastructure, voting rights, gun reform, and police reform. How do you get voters energized in Virginia for Democratic ideals, not just against Trump?”

Harrison answered, “Well, this is the thing, Stephanie, with all of the issues that you mentioned, those are things that are in progress, right?” He then cited the American Rescue Plan as an accomplishment.

At the end of the interview, after Harrison referenced beauticians and barbers, Ruhle stated, “Those beauticians and barbers, you know what else they care about? Inflation, prices going up. And Democrats are going to have to start addressing that in the now and not just say it’s transitory.”

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