In a Tuesday interview on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) sounded off about the July 4 shooting at Highland Park, IL, that killed six people and injured at least 30 more.

Durbin argued that those who support the Second Amendment support “a distortion” of what the founding fathers meant when they wrote the Constitution. He added the nation’s founders “could not have envisioned” what was taking place now.

Co-host Willie Geist asked Durbin, “What do you say to a family who is worried that this could happen anywhere because the fact of the matter is now it can?”

“Highland Park teaches us all that this can happen anywhere in the United States, and we reached the point where we sick and tired, angry, if you will, what they’re taking away from us in the name of the Second Amendment and a distortion of it, in my point of view,” Durbin replied. “They’re taking away the basic elements of American life that we have enjoyed for generations.”

“Our founding fathers could not have envisioned that when they wrote the Second Amendment. The answer, quite simply, is an election. When voters who feel strongly about it elect people who share their feelings — that is what makes a difference in a democracy,” he concluded.

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