Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) said on this week’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday” that his vote to convict former President Donald Trump of inciting an insurrection at the Capitol on January 6, 2021 was doing what is right, which is a fundamental principle that guides his life.

Anchor Bret Baier said, “You’ve had some tough votes in Washington, and one of them obviously was the impeachment vote.”

In a previous FNC interview, anchor Chris Wallace asked, “Do you believe that Donald Trump is unfit to serve as president and should be removed from office?”

Romney said, “I do believe he should be removed from office. That’s the vote that I will take in just a short while.”

Wallace said, “You realize this is war. Donald Trump will never forgive you for this?”

Romney said, “There is a hymn that is assigned at my church, an old Protestant hymn, which is do what is right, let the consequence follow. I know in my heart that I’m doing what’s right. I understand there’s going to be enormous consequences.”

Baier said, “Do what is right. Let the consequence follow.”

Romney said, “That little phrase has certainly connected for me throughout my life, which is try and do what’s right, don’t worry so much about what it means for your reelection or for your promotion or for how much money you’re going to get. Do what you believe is right.”

He added, “The values that you have, the fundamental principles that guide your life of integrity and honesty, recognizing that other people are also children of God, black, white, gay, straight, we are all God’s children, those kind of principles I think are important part of both politics as well as everyday living.”

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