CNN anchor Jake Tapper said Monday on his show “The Lead” that former President Donald Trump’s “heinous attacks” against Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell’s wife, former Secretary Elaine Chao were “just racist.”

Tapper said, “In our politics lead, harsh criticism from former political allies of Donald Trump following a pair of heinous attacks against Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell and his wife, former Secretary Elaine Chao, she was the former Transportation Secretary for Trump. On his Truth Social account Trump wrote, quote, ‘Is McConnell approving all these trillions of dollars worth of Democrat-sponsored billions without even the slightest bit of negotiation because he hates Donald J. Trump? He has a death wish. Must immediately seek help and advise from his China-loving wife, Coco Chow.’ It’s Elaine Chao and spelled differently. The conservative editorial page of The Wall Street Journal blasting the former president for the threatening language and pointing out the danger it presents, writing, ‘It’s all too easy to imagine some fanatic taking him seriously and attempting to kill Mr. McConnell.’ The journal did not discuss the racist part of it.

He added, “He’s mad at Elaine Chao, his former Transportation Secretary, presumably because she resigned from his staff or resigned from his cabinet on January 6, but still China loving, I mean, it’s just racist.”

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