Mary Trump predicted Tuesday on MSNBC’s “Deadline” that if her uncle, former President Donald Trump, won back the presidency, it would be “the end of the American experiment.”

Anchor Nicolle Wallace asked, “When you look at him as still sitting atop the Republican Party, and you think about a second Trump term, what are you afraid of?”

Trump said, “I’m afraid that, that signals the end of the American experiment. I’ve been saying that for a while. I think you and I spoke about that before the 2020 election and it’s even more true now because we’re even farther down the road than we were two years ago. So I don’t think we have two years, though. I think we have until November 2022 to make sure that the Democrats retain power in the House and increase their majority in the Senate, because if they don’t, then that gives Donald a two-year runway to continue to rig the system in his favor and for the Republicans to feel completely unbound by any rules or constraints. So we are running out of time. I wish more were being done to help the American people understand that this election is about democracy. It’s not about Republicans versus Democrats anymore. ”

She added, “We cannot count out the possibility that if justice doesn’t come swiftly enough and Donald recognizes the danger to be as serious as it actually is, he will run again because he won’t have a choice. If that is allowed to happen, we need to be prepared for even worse than we’ve seen so far in terms of the incitement of violence, in terms of the cooperating of conspiracy theories in terms of doing anything in his power to take us down if he thinks he is going down.”

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