On Thursday’s broadcast of “NewsNation Now,” Rep. Glenn Ivey (D-MD) stated that the U.S. “isn’t doing enough” to prepare for cyberattacks and placed part of the blame on “wasting time on the Mayorkas impeachment” instead of the cyber issue.

Ivey stated that the threats of cyberattacks on communications infrastructure are “exactly the types of things that the Homeland Security Committee should have been looking at instead of wasting time on the Mayorkas impeachment. These sorts of vulnerabilities to cyberattacks, I think, are something the United States isn’t doing enough to get prepared for. And when you watch what Russia is doing with respect to Ukraine, you can see that those capabilities are increasing, same with respect to China and Iran. So, I think Congress needs to be doing more. We need to shift our focus away from, frankly, a lot of wasted time…the investigations, the impeachments, and all that and get focused on protecting the country.”

He added that there needs to be an assessment to “make sure we understand all of the threats that are potentially out there and remember that the threats are evolving radically and quickly, especially to the extent they’re starting to integrate AI capabilities. We’ve got to make sure that we’re changing and protecting ourselves and moving as quickly as those threats are. And then, the second piece is making sure that the providers out there, some will be commercial, some will be governmental, but they need to make sure that they understand what these threats are and they’re prepared for them and that they’re working together in a coordinated way and that they have the resources to do it. And we’re just not doing enough on that front, frankly.”

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