Lincoln Project senior advisor Tara Setmayer said Thursday on MSNBC’s “All In” that the Alabama Supreme Court ruling that frozen embryos can be considered children under state law is a “kryptonite issue for Republicans.”

Setmayer said, “Listen, this is another example of a kryptonite issue for Republicans. They know that the majority of the American people are pro-choice and the overwhelming majority of people are pro-IVF, including their own constituents in the Republican Party, including the evangelicals who overwhelmingly support IVF. There have been 8 million babies born through IVF in this country. So according to this Alabama Supreme Court ruling, I guess then, all of those babies and all of those families who have had the gift of life, thanks to this technology, should not have been born. And all those people who were looking forward to have children that suffer from infertility, which is over 6 million women in this country, they just shouldn’t have that opportunity.”

She added, “Republicans do not want to have this discussion. If I’m the Democrats, I’m going to go out and showcasing all the families in my district or state or even a national election that have had successful IVF pregnancies and say to them, I challenge Republicans to say that these children should not have had an opportunity at life. I mean, the extremism now is really beginning, I think, to sink in for some people, particularly women across this country who feel as though they are under attack. And they are. The rights of women in this country are under attack daily. And the Republican Party is at the helm of it.”

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