Representative Eric Swalwell (D-CA) said Monday on MSNBC’s “Deadline” that Republicans were opposing Ukraine aid for their war against Russia because they “reflexively” did what former President Donald Trump wants.

Swalwell said, “Republicans are soft on Russia. They see it as Trump likes Russia, Russia likes Trump, so we have to go with Trump. And that is how they’re going to view this all the way through. And it is too bad because if you really took a step back, you could see that Ukraine’s freedom ultimately is America’s freedom. That is the story of history when it comes to Russia and brutal, ruthless dictators. But the other piece here, because they love to thump their chest and say they’re tough on China, well, I don’t know if you’re Taiwan and you’re watching, why would you for a second think they would stand up for you when you’re attacked?”

He continued, “I think they’re all in for Trump. They’ve turned this Congress into the largest law firm in D.C. that works on behalf of just one client, Donald Trump. So, all they know reflexively is to do what he wants. If Trump says no Ukraine funding, no Ukraine funding. If their own most conservative members strike a border deal but it clicks for Trump, it doesn’t help him politically, they’re going to kill the border deal.

Swalwell added, “Frankly, Democrats, we have to show voters who hate politics that this is Republican efforts to put politics over people, and we want to flip that script, and everything we do is to try to put people over politics.”

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