Attorney George Conway said Tuesday on CNN’s “Out Front” that he was donating $929,600 to President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign because former President Donald Trump is a “threat to democracy.”

Erin Burnett said, “You are giving Biden the maximum amount, but somebody can give Joe Biden, $929,600 that you have earned over your life to a person running for president so how in the world did you get there?”

Conway said, “Yeah, no, that’s that’s just an amazing story to me. If you told me that I would do something like that and support a Democrat and tomorrow an item we headlining a fundraiser in Washington asking Democrats to give to a Democrat I would have said well, you know, that that’s just pure fantasy that would never happen. The evolution was just watching how Republican Party has become something that’s completely unrecognizable. It’s become a personality cult.”

He continued, “One of the things that attracted people to the Republican Party in 60s, 70s, and 80s was a feeling that the left had become anti, anti-American right now, the people who are anti-American, other Marjorie Taylor Greene’s with the world and the people in the House of Representatives who were basically voting against who are voting and men trying to block aid to American allies because they want to help Donald Trump create an issue for the campaign. It doesn’t even make any sense and it’s just I mean, this man, four years ago I voted in my tenth presidential election and for the first time, cast the vote for the Democrat, first time, first time out of ten. And I did that because I felt that Donald Trump was a threat to the country, a threat to democracy.”

Conway added, “He doesn’t care a whit about the country. He doesn’t care a whit about the Constitution, about the rule of law and he wants to undermine the country and its rule of law for his own political purposes and that was before January 6.”

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