Former Trump administration communications director Anthony Scaramucci said Friday on CNN’s “The Lead” that “all” of former President Donald Trump’s relationships end in “darkness.”

Anchor Jake Tapper said, “What do you make of all the support we’re seeing Donald Trump get in the courtroom from these high-ranking Republican officials?”

Scaramucci said, “Well, it’s a section of high-ranking Republican officials, but it’s an obligatory loyalty test by all of them. They’re using the same hand signals as Donald Trump. They’re wearing the same outfits as Donald Trump. But it’ll never be enough for Donald Trump. Unfortunately for all of those guys — Michael Cohen has learned this, other people, myself included, that have worked for Mr. Trump — there’s no pleasing him and he’s incredibly transactional. If he has to run you over with a bus or hit you with a car five minutes after he shook your hand and smiled at you charmingly, he’ll do that.”

He continued, “I think this is a learning lesson for everybody, particularly those politician standing outside the courthouse don’t become anybody’s groupie because once you become somebody’s groupie, you start to lose your judgment and you start projecting. So when Michael said I’ll take a bullet for the guy, he was really hoping from a projection point of view that, that Donald Trump was thinking that about him, but of course Trump thinks that about nobody. So what went wrong is when Michael got in trouble for something he did for Donald Trump and Trump walked away from them that started the loyalty break.”

Scaramucci added, “Mr. Trump believes in asymmetrical loyalty. This is why all of his relationships end in this type of darkness.”

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