Former Rep. Donna Edwards (D-MD) said Monday on MSNBC’s “Chris Jansing Reports” that former President Donald Trump doesn’t have the same ‘”juice” because the New York business record trial was taking a toll on him.

Edwards said, “Well, I think that’s certainly true. Look, it’s really clear that these, the trial is taking toll on Donald Trump and I think his ability to juggle between what he’s doing in the courtroom in Manhattan versus what he needs needs to do on the campaign trial. It is the reason you saw the organized rally in the Bronx, something close by, near his golf course in New Jersey.”

She added, “Again, I think you know, trying to conserve his energy and his time to make space for these trials. It’s not going to get easier as the calendar marches toward November. I do think that Brendan is right. There is a money issue and he doesn’t have the same kind of juice to draw those large crowds that he did back in 2016, certainly a lot less in 2020. So he has to go to these prepared, preplanned events in order to maximize the time that he’s spending out on the campaign trial.”

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