Former Trump administration attorney Ty Cobb said Tuesday on CNN’s “OutFront” that a guilty verdict in former President Donald Trump’s New York business record trial by Friday was likely.

Burnett said, “The prosecution’s closing. How quickly do you think once this gets to the jury tomorrow morning, we believe. How quickly will there be a verdict?”

Cobb said, “So, I think we’ll have a verdict Friday afternoon at the latest. It could be Monday, but I think this case could easily be resolved by the weekend. Fridays are usually a trustworthy day to estimate verdict return because jurors typically don’t want to spend the weekend on this kind of stuff and they don’t really want to come back the next week. They will have had three full days to consider it. I think that is likely the day.”

Burnett said, “All right. So you think by Friday, you also think the jury will find Trump guilty. How come?”

Cobb said, “I do. I think well, I think it’s a combination of things, but primarily it’s because the jury instructions almost require it. The judge is not going to instruct on any level of intent or knowledge that Trump should have had or must have had with regard to the second crime, the generically referenced campaign finance crimes.”

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