Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) said Tuesday on CBS’s “The Late Show” that he did not trust former President Donald Trump’s appointed federal judges.

Host Stephen Colbert said, “Let’s talk about the Supreme Court for a second. One of the things that people are speculation is that something is foundational to the modern American view of equality, Brown v.Board of Education could fall under the Supreme Court. Is that alarmist? Or would you not put this past them?”

Booker said, “Take Donald Trump at his word and listen to people, what they say to you. I’ve been on the Judiciary Committee now for years and I was stunned when I saw a change, some of the Supreme Court Justices he appointed came before us and were asked directly, was Brown v. Board of Education rightfully decided? They would not answer one way or the other. This idea that we are a nation of equality, the fundamental establishment in that case of this truth about America is that we should be a nation of equality and justice for all, something is foundational is that now is being put into this sphere of being in question by jurists for refusing to affirm those ideals. I have been shaken by seeing things happen in our federal judiciary that I never imagined possible.”

He added, “The majority of Americans, 70% to 80%, look at these ballot initiatives from Kansas and other red states, the majority of Americans believe in Roe v. Wade but that was stripped away from us by the courts. The majority of Americans believe we should have common sense universal background checks but that’s been blocked time and time again by Republican Congress. The majority of Americans believe we should have access to IVF. I do not trust these Trump-appointed judges the last time he got in their impact our courts with extreme right-wing folks. I do not trust them to secure our rights. Congress must act.”

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