On Friday’s “Situation Room,” CNN legal analyst Norm Eisen lamented the U.S. Supreme Court’s deliberative process for former President Donald Trump’s criminal prosecution immunity claim.

Host Wolf Blitzer said, “Norm, it’s interesting that the court isn’t scheduled to issue more decisions until Thursday, further delaying any resolution to Trump’s immunity claim. At what point does holding that trial before the election become totally unrealistic.”

Eisen said, “Well, Wolf, we’re on the brink of that,

He continued, “This question of whether the immunity that Donald Trump asserts – even to send SEAL Team Six to assassinate his political rivals was first place before the Supreme Court on December 11, 2023. There’s no call to take six months to decide the absurdity of that question. And with every passing day, they’re more responsible for the problem you identify of getting this trial on the books.”

On ethics, Eisen said, “It is the worst ethics crisis we’ve seen at the United States Supreme Court in history. I wrote in The Nation, you have two justices: Justice Thomas, whose wife was a witness involved in the January 6 event and Justice Alito, who we now know flew flags at his home, which featured flags, the home where he lived of insurrectionist symbolism.”

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