Former National Security Advisor John Bolton said Thursday on CNN’s “Newsnight” that advocates for a second Trump term were “deceiving people” on his foreign policy.

Host Abby Phillip asked, “Former President Trump said in an interview tonight he once again praised Kim Jong Un, the North Korean leader. And this comes right after Vladimir Putin and Kim just struck this week a defense deal. I wonder, what does the alliance between Kim and Putin look like if Trump is elected again? He seems to constantly want to butter up this dictator.

Bolton said, “Well, the Putin-Kim meeting in Korea was really a get-together of two of the people in the world Donald Trump considers his best friends. Remember he said of Kim Jong Un, ‘we fell in love’ and he was happy about that. So, when you see that military partnership, that relationship, the security relationship between Moscow and Pyongyang progressing and you see the unity, the public display of unity behind Moscow’s war against Ukraine, this is definitely something to be worried about.”

He added, “I mean, you hear a lot of Trump advocates trying to reassure people by saying the second term is not going to look like the first term, it’s going to be rational foreign policy. I think that they’re deceiving people, perhaps unconsciously, perhaps hoping, but hope isn’t a strategy when it comes to Trump that this is the look of American foreign policy and it’s not going to be pretty.”

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