Police arrested a 16-year-old after an elderly woman was assaulted and robbed outside a church in Queens on Sunday.

The incident happened outside St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church on 152nd Street in Briarwood as a 68-year-old woman went up the steps, Fox 5 reported on Friday.

As she moved, the suspect, wearing all black, approached and allegedly punched the woman who fell down the steps. Law enforcement alleged the suspect went through her belongings and ran away with her purse that contained $300 in cash, her cellphone, and car keys.

The suspect is also accused of driving away in her vehicle, and the Fox report added that “Police said the suspect has multiple felony arrests, including robberies of women.”

The victim in the case suffered a fractured skull and black eye, but she is reportedly in stable condition at a local hospital.

The news comes as women across Democrat-run New York City claim they have been sucker punched while going about their day, according to Breitbart News.

The outlet’s John Nolte wrote that “It’s so prevalent now that the corporate media are picking up the story.”

Meanwhile, members of the church in Queens who spoke with Fox 5 told the outlet the victim is in critical condition but stable:

“To do this horrendous act of pushing her with force from the church’s steps, that’s unheard of, like to do that in a church,” stated Father Konstantinos Kalogridis.

The suspect is now facing charges of robbery, assault, grand larceny, and criminal possession of stolen property in the case.

Social media users shared their thoughts on the case, one person writing, “And he will be out on no bail…again. NY, you voted for this.”

“NY will let him out before you know it. We have laws but they aren’t used, just a lawless country. This is too bad, we had a nice country, but what happen, all hell broke out,” another user commented.