Actor Josh Gad piled on Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh Sunday, even as the New York Times report claiming to reveal another college sex scandal for the Supreme Court Justice crumbled under scrutiny.

“Wait! Supreme Court Justice #Kavanaugh is a sexual predator and lying scumbag?! Who could have seen this coming?!!!!” Gad quipped on social media.

Gad, best known for his voiceover work on the animated Disney film Frozen, joined many on the left in attacking Brett Kavanaugh all over again over old news allegations that lack veracity.

The allegations were characterized as “new” in a Saturday article in the New York Times and featured third-hand reporting on claims made by former Clinton defense lawyer Max Stier who reportedly told the FBI that he saw Kavanaugh sexually harass a female student at Yale when they were classmates there.

However, by Sunday, the paper was forced to add an editor’s note that undermined the entire story by admitting that the supposed victim had already told the FBI that she has no recollection of any such incident.

Gad is no stranger to attacks on people whose politics he opposes. In May, he attacked Trump’s voters, saying he was “heartbroken” by how stupid they are.

“I’m not heartbroken by our President’s recklessness, hypocracy [sic], vitriol, demonization of norms, attack on civil liberties or his predadorty [sic] treatment of women, because that’s what he ran on,” Gad wrote. “I’m heartbroken by all who continue to support him knowing what he is.”

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