Left-wing Disney-Marvel star Mark Ruffalo has taken a beating on social media after he issued a call to tax billionaires at 90 percent. In a Twitter post on Saturday, Ruffalo, best known for his role as Hulk/Bruce Banner in the Avengers series, shared an article from the far-left outlet Daily Kos that called to tax billionaires at 90 percent.

“When you tax billionaires at 90 percent, they’re still fabulously rich and you have the resources to rebuild a healthy and happy middle class across the nation,” Ruffalo quoted the article in his post.

The article essentially argued that America became a dystopia ever since the Republican-led “roaring 20s” when the tax rates fell.

“The last time we saw the consequences of such inequality was during the Republican ‘Roaring ‘20s’ 100 years ago, when Warren Harding dropped the top income tax rate from 91 percent to 25 percent, the morbidly rich openly bought our politicians, and gangs whose names are still known today roamed the country robbing and killing with impunity,” the article argued.

“Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal put an end to all that, and we need to repeat his example today,” it added. “FDR raised the top income tax bracket from 25 to 90 percent. Wealthy people in America screamed and yelled, claiming it would crash the economy, but instead that top tax rate kicked off the first middle class to encompass more than half a nation’s population in world history.”

Questions over FDR’s New Deal policies and whether or not they prolonged or solved the Great Depression has been a subject of intense debate for years, with Republicans often charging that FDRs policies not only did nothing to solve the Depression but actually made it worse.

Nonetheless, since Mark Ruffalo boasts a net worth of roughly $35 million, his critics on Twitter quickly pointed out that he should be the first to jump down the 90 percent tax hole.

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