It did not take long for an extremely smart and driven K-9 to locate four suspects recently in Banks County, Georgia.

When Banks County K-9 Becka and her partner, Corp. Josh Pressley, responded to the scene where five suspects fled on foot after a stolen vehicle chase, they knew time was of the essence, WSB-TV reported Sunday.

An image shows the K-9 and her partner:

The group of suspects apparently ran into a field toward the interstate and vanished because the area was overgrown. Meanwhile, Pressley used four scent kits to retrieve scent articles from the car involved in the case.

“The duo began trailing through an open field and found a red shoe lost by one of the suspects. The first suspect was found lying on the ground wearing one red shoe,” the next two were located in the field and another nearby. The last suspect was arrested near the interstate.

The operation took a mere fifteen minutes to complete from the moment they were deployed, per officials.

In a social media post Friday, the Banks County Sheriff’s Office said, “We want to recognize Cpl. Pressley and K9 Becka for their outstanding service to public safety. In the past 18 months, the two have completed 20 tracks to recover missing people and locate criminals.”

“In November of 2022, Cpl. Pressley and K9 Becka received the Scent Evidence K9 Master Handler Certificate for outstanding K9 Trailing Search Deployments,” the agency stated.

In November, first responders including Pressley and K-9 Becka visited Franklin County Head Start / Pre-K to speak to the children about safety.

“Thank you so much for visiting our center Corporal Burnette, Deputy Pressley, Bruce & Becka and thank you for keeping us safe!!” the school said:

In July, K-9 Becka located a woman who ran from deputies after she was involved in a vehicle pursuit, WSB-TV reported at the time.