A terrifying dash cam video shows a small child falling out of a moving vehicle just before a highway entrance ramp in Houston.

The disturbing scene occurred on Tuesday at around 4:30 p.m. on the 6600 block at an entrance to Interstate 69 southwest freeway in the Hillcroft neighborhood.

ABC 13 obtained the footage from a witness who was driving behind the vehicle when the incident occurred.

The video shows a red SUV making a right turn onto the highway when a child is suddenly seen falling out of the vehicle’s left rear door.

Seconds later, the SUV stops as the driver exits the vehicle and rushes to pick up the child. The person then shuts the rear door and drives off.

It is unclear how the child fell out of the vehicle or if the child was injured.

The Houston Police Department (HPD) was unaware of the incident until they were contacted by ABC 13 as they had not received any reports about the incident.

The HPD later confirmed to Breitbart News that they still had not received a report nor discovered the driver’s identity.

There have been other similar scary incidences caught on camera of children falling out of moving vehicles.

In 2020, a child was seen falling out of a moving vehicle near a Massachusetts gas station, rolling on the pavement then running supposedly to its mother, who is seen embracing the child moments later.

In 2019, a dash cam video in Minnesota also showed a child — who was still in their car seat — rolling out of a moving vehicle as the driver continued to travel. Thankfully, the child was uninjured.

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