Over two dozen barges broke loose from a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania marina Friday night, causing “extensive damage” as they floated down the Ohio River without control.

Both the McKees Rocks Bridge and the West End Bridge have been temporarily shut down after 26 Campbell Transportation Company vessels, mostly loaded with “dry cargo,” began heading downstream, CNN reports.

While 11 barges have been found and pinned against the river’s bank, 14 continued down the river and six have gone over a dam, the city said in a press release.

At 11:25 p.m., Pittsburgh Fire, EMS, and Police were dispatched for reports of barges breaking loose and floating uncontrolled down the Ohio River. 

In total, 26 barges broke loose; 23 were loaded and three were empty. Those that were loaded had dry cargo such as coal, and no hazardous materials on board. There have been no reports of people injured, but Peggy’s Marina sustained extensive damage. 

Eleven of the barges have been located and pinned against the river bank by Brunot Island and currently being held by a tugboat. Fourteen continued down the river and six have gone over the Emsworth Dam. 

Officials added that both local bridges will be reopened “when it is determined that it is safe to do so.”

“[The barges] may or may not come into contact with sub-structure but we are not willing to take the risk,” police said.

The incident comes just two weeks after Baltimore, Maryland’s Francis Scott Key Bridge was destroyed in a cargo vessel collision, which tragically killed six construction workers.

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