An activist group pushing for an end to American immigration laws vandalized a California billboard to accuse U.S. Immigration officials of “making kids disappear.”

Early on June 21, a group calling itself INDECLINE altered a billboard that featured a child with his hands up against his face like Macaulay Culkin in the film Home Alone. The sign originally advertised for a junk removal service with the slogan “We make junk disappear,” but the activists changed the slogan to “We make kids disappear.” The original company’s phone number was erased, and the initials “I.C.E.” were added.

INDECLINE posted an image of the sign to its social media, including its Instagram account, with the message “This isn’t an immigration issue. This is a humanitarian crisis.”

A spokesman for the group celebrated its cleverness, saying that after one of its members saw the sign, the idea of how to vandalize it with its political message was “almost instantaneous.”

“The issue right now is we have a president who makes it a practice to forcibly separate young children from their parents,” the spokesperson told the media. “It started to weigh on us more and more, and it became a unique situation. We wanted to create a piece for (it).”

The company that owns the billboard, Clear Channel Outdoor, told the media it is “aware of the vandalism and [is] working to repair, replace or remove the defaced ad by close of business today.”

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