The U.S. Air Force has released aerial video of Sgt. John Chapman’s final moments on the Afghanistan peak upon which he gave his life.

Technical Sergeant John Chapman and a group of Navy SEALs “charged into enemy fire through harrowing conditions,” secured a bunker, and slew the Al Qaeda militants occupying it. Chapman was gunned down while moving from cover, and thought dead by his brothers in arms. But he regained consciousness after they withdrew from the battlefield, and managed to fight for another hour—killing two more enemies in the process.

Chapman was one of seven men to die atop Takur Ghar while attempting to rescue a fellow airman who had fallen after their craft was hit with a rocket-propelled grenade. Britt K. Slabinski, retired member of SEAL Team 6, was in command. After receiving a Medal of Honor in May, Slabinski credited “so many others” who “followed me without hesitation” in the bloody 14-hour battle.

“They gave all for us. This honor is truly theirs. They are the true heroes,” he said. President Trump will echo these sentiments by posthumously awarding Chapman the Medal of Honor on August 22, making Chapman the first airman to receive it since the Vietnam War.