President Donald Trump trolled Democrats on Wednesday, by wishing Rep. Maxine Waters a Happy Birthday and describing her as “the leader” of the party.

“Happy Birthday to the leader of the Democrat Party, Maxine Waters!” the president wrote on Twitter.

Trump repeatedly highlights Waters, who represents the more extreme California liberal wing of the party, as the leader of the Democrats, in the hopes of alienating the rest of the country. Waters has repeatedly urged Congress to impeach Trump.

“Maxine Waters is leading the charge,” Trump said to supporters in Ohio during an August rally. “Maxine, she’s a real beauty, Maxine. A seriously low I.Q. person, seriously.”

On MSNBC, Waters said that her “birthday wish” would be to get a different president than Trump.

“My biggest birthday wish would be that we’re able to get a leader of this country who represents us — who has the respect of all of our allies,” Waters said, referring to Trump. “Someone who has appreciation for the Constitution. Someone that doesn’t lie… with these tweets. He doesn’t even know the words to the Star-Spangled Banner.”