Special counsel Robert Mueller’s report states WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange preferred a Republican win over Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election, calling the former Secretary of State a “sociopath” who would start more wars.

“[W]e believe it would be much better for GOP . . . Dems+Media+liberals woudl [sic] then form a black to reign in their worst qualities. . . .With Hillary in charge, GOP will be pushing for her worst qualities., dems+media+neoliberals will be mute. . . . She’s bright, well connected, sadisitic [sic] sociopath,” Assange wrote to WikiLeaks members in November 2015.

A footnote says Assange also wrote: “GOP will generate a lot oposition [sic], including through dumb moves. Hillary will do the same thing, but co-opt the liberal opposition and the GOP opposition. Hence hillary [sic] has greater freedom to start wars than the GOP and has the will to do so.”

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