A missing two-year-old Summit County, Ohio, resident was safely recovered on Monday after an all-night search.

Kaven Fisher’s bedroom was empty when his mother came to check on him at 1:30 a.m. His parents quickly discovered that he was nowhere in the house, and one of the doors outside had been left ajar. They immediately called the police.

Kaven is autistic and non-verbal, making him both especially vulnerable and largely unresponsive. The clock was ticking, and authorities knew he had to be found immediately if he were to be found alive. Drones, ATVs, horses, and dogs were all deployed to help with the search.

Approximately seven hours later, Kaven was found inside a neighbor’s car in their garage. “Prayers do get answered,” Summit County Sheriff’s Office representative Ken Pownell told Fox 8. “It’s proof.”

Kaven’s dad was overcome with emotion as he expressed his thanks. “We are so grateful for everyone who mobilized immediately and came out to help. We are so grateful for everyone,” he told Fox 8. “We know people worked extra shifts. We know they dropped what they were doing. They came out to look for my boy. That means so much.”