Alfredo Ortiz writes at FoxBusiness about the upcoming Democrat primary debates with emphasis on the impact on small business of the various contenders’ socialist policies:

The first Democratic presidential primary debate this week will offer Americans. the most unvarnished look yet at the left’s policy agenda. What they see should scare them.

. . .

In the crosshairs of this Democratic agenda are the 30 million American small businesses and the nearly 60 million hardworking Americans that they employ. While Democrats’ socialist policies threaten all Americans, small businesses have the most to lose given their position on the frontlines of the American economy.

And that would just be the start. Candidate Julian Castro has floated raising tax rates to around 90 percent. Sen. Elizabeth Warren has called for confiscating property in the form of a wealth tax. If enacted, these tax rates would mean fewer resources available for small businesses to create opportunity. It would mean less money in local communities, where it circulates and creates growth, and more money in the hands of government, where it is largely wasted.

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