Republican Rep. Barry Moore (AL) slammed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) on her unconditional surrender to the Chinese coronavirus by forcing congressional members and staff to wear special “well-fitted” super masks and ordered the U.S. Capitol Police to arrest those who do not comply.

Moore posted a video on Instagram, writing, “It’s NOT Pelosi’s House – it’s the PEOPLE’S House.” In the video, he mentioned that members of Congress received a letter this morning from the U.S. Capitol Police, which he made sure to emphasize was leaked.

He mentioned that the memo indicated that Capitol Police “will arrest [congressional] staffers or detain [congressional] staffer or force [congressional] staffers to put on masks.” He said that “Pelosi is no longer a benevolent dictator. She’s a tyrant. The power has gone to her head.

Moore noted that Pelosi has “allowed the CDC and this government agency to really start pushing regulations on the American people rather than the voice of the American people.”

The Republican claimed that, while the House is in lockdown mode with the masks, he jokingly said that no one can figure out where the virus stops spreading when you travel from the House to the Senate.

“The Senate is wide open. They’re older than we are. For the most part, they are probably in a higher risk category than we are, for the most part,” he explained. “But, the Senate is wide open. But, on the House side, [Chinese coronavirus] is running rampant, according to Nancy Pelosi.”

“We [the Republicans] want to follow the science, we [the Republicans] want to represent the American people,” and he said the Republicans would push back on the mandates.