Former Trump State Department spokeswoman Morgan Ortagus is reportedly mulling a congressional run and the former president could not be happier.

In an announcement on Tuesday, former President Donald Trump said he heard word that Morgan Ortagus is considering a run for Congress in Tennessee’s 5th District, which covers Nashville:

I am told the very strong and impressive Morgan Ortagus is exploring a run for Congress in Tennessee’s 5th Congressional District. I couldn’t be happier because she’s an absolute warrior for America First and MAGA!

Morgan was fantastic in her role working with Secretary Mike Pompeo at the U.S. State Department and understands the threats posed by China, Russia, Iran and others, and will be tough, not just roll over like the Democrats and RINOs.”

She serves in the U.S. Navy Reserves and will fight for our Military. She won’t bow to the Woke Mob or the Leftist LameStream Media. Morgan Ortagus will have my Complete and Total Endorsement if she decides to run!

Ortagus publicly accepted the former president’s very enthusiastic endorsement.

“Thank you, President Trump! It was an honor working for the #AmericaFirst agenda in your administration. Like you, I’ll always fight for American greatness,” she tweeted. 

Speaking with Breitbart News in 2020, Ortagus warned that the Chinese Communist Party has been watching American politics closely to see which officials will be a friend or foe to the regime.

“So the Chinese Communist Party is paying attention not only what happens in Washington, they’re very much paying attention about what happens in your local area,” she cautioned.

Ortagus noted that “Confucius centers” at universities, often advertised as a cultural bridge, were actually fronts for Chinese communist propaganda.

“We’ve also been calling out things and designating some of these, for example, the Confucius centers. We’ve been designating them as foreign missions, which means they’re part of the Chinese Communist Party,” she said.