The Trump-backed super PAC MAGA Inc. is lighting up Ohio Democrat Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH) and Pennsylvania Democrat John Fetterman in recent ads, weeks ahead of the midterm election.

The election is coming down to its final stretch, and the Trump-backed PAC is making moves, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on ads in both Pittsburgh, Columbus, and Cleveland combined.

One of the ads targets Ohio Senate hopeful Tim Ryan and features him overtly sucking up to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY).

“Senator Schumer’s here and I want to make sure he’s my future boss, so I gotta suck up a little bit here,” Ryan says in the ad.

“Tim Ryan voted the liberal party line 100 percent of the time, giving stimulus checks to illegal immigrants, hitting middle class families with tax hikes, creating sky high inflation, [and] driving our economy to the brink of recession,” the narrator states:

The other ad features gubernatorial hopeful John Fetterman, focusing on how soft the Democrat is on crime. 

“He brutally murdered his girlfriend’s mother with a pair of scissors. Convicted of first degree murder, John Brookins is serving a life sentence. John Fetterman was the only member of the pardon board to vote for Brookins’ release. The only vote,” the narrator states.

“John Fetterman wants ruthless killers, murderers and rapists back on our streets and he wants them back now. John Fetterman is dangerous,” it concludes:

As Politico reported, the PAC “made an initial ad buy in the Columbus and Cleveland media markets and has also placed ads in Pittsburgh, according to AdImpact, a media tracking firm”:

Ohio and Pennsylvania have key Senate races where Trump endorsed earlier this year. AdImpact reported $135,650 worth of ads placed in Pittsburgh and another $276,000 in Columbus and Cleveland so far, although those numbers are expected to rise as more stations report buys.

A spokesperson told the outlet that MAGA Inc. is keeping the total ad buy and future expenditures under wraps.

“We don’t telegraph ad spends or our strategy,” the individual said.

Friday’s RealClearPolitics’ average of polls shows Republican Ohio Senate candidate J.D. Vance leading Ryan by 1.2 percent. Meanwhile, the RCP average in the Pennsylvania Senate race shows Fetterman leading Republican candidate Mehmet Oz by an average of 4.3. percent.