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President Biden is coming after your bank accounts.

President Biden is already setting into motion his new plan to target all Americans who dare to disagree with the Democrat’s progressive agenda. Not only will this plan directly affect your savings and retirement, it’s also the original brainchild of Obama.

Its purpose is to test an entirely new kind of financial system — one where they could rip control of your money from your hands and place it into theirs. In their documentation, they describe it as an “experiment,” but they aren’t just researching this idea.

It’s already happening!

The “pilot” program, called the Regulated Liability Network U.S. Pilot, is designed to weaponize the government’s control over your money, especially if you’ve ever voted Republican, disagreed with the Democrats’ agenda, or even posted on social media about the government’s wrongdoings.

Now is the time to act. Don’t let Joe Biden, Obama, and the rest of the Democrats take your hard earned money and savings.

Former bank insider Louis Navellier is risking it all to blow the whistle on Biden’s new program.

For decades, Navellier has helped the financial elite avoid some of the worst financial bloodbaths in American history, including the Black Monday crash in 1987, the dot-com crash in 2000, and even the 2008 financial crisis. He also manages over $1 billion in private client money.

This disturbing move by Biden could send an earthquake through our country’s entire financial system.

Navellier just released his urgent public warning revealing the immediate steps you need to take today in order to keep the Dems away from your bank accounts.

To see Louis Navellier’s warning, click here now.