Hunter Biden has leverage in that his father, President Joe Biden, “controls the U.S. Attorney General,” who is ultimately going “to make the decision whether to prosecute for contempt or not,” Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) said during an appearance Thursday on Breitbart News Daily.

Speaking to Breitbart News Daily one day after Hunter Biden’s closed-door deposition, Biggs explained that he believes Biden’s son “was selling access to his father,” which is bribery.

“I mean, that’s when you — when you look at the federal laws that bribery, you know, a family member that’s receiving benefits in exchange for — that’s, that’s a crime,” he explained, delving into the deposition connected to the House impeachment inquiry.

Biggs described it as “frustrating,” because lawmakers were so limited on time.

“The scope of what we could talk about was somewhat limited because he’s under indictment investigation in a lot of areas. So we couldn’t get into some of that stuff,” he said, explaining that there were only eight minutes left in the entire day by the time Biggs got to question Hunter Biden, who believes the speculation over Biden being involved in Hunter’s business dealings is a “MAGA-motivated conspiracy” despite a trove of evidence pointing to the contrary.

The chairman, Biggs said, controlled the time, although he said he does not know the backstory as to why there were such great time restraints. And at the end of the day, he said, Hunter Biden has leverage.

“Here’s his leverage. His leverage was ‘Okay, so you don’t come in,’ you hold him in contempt, and his leverage is that his dad controls the U.S. Attorney General, who can, [who] is going to make the decision whether to prosecute for contempt or not,” he explained.


Breitbart · Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) – February 29, 2024

Further, Biggs said he does not buy Hunter’s excuses that he cannot remember key details, as Hunter often claims he was drunk or high.

“He always, almost always, qualifies it by saying, ‘Well, you know, I can’t recall it. But if something happened, even if,’ he says — ‘I’m not saying it didn’t happen, I have no recollection,’ he says, ‘I was drunk or high as it was an addiction, but even if I — even if that did happen, my dad knew nothing about the business.’ That’s the answer on everything,” he explained.

“He says, ‘Well, you can’t find a bank account.’ And that’s what he keeps talking about, is, you know, basically, ‘You’re not going to see an envelope of cash going to my dad noted in a bank account transaction somewhere,’ and that’s their deal. But all of them, the whole family’s getting these massive benefits. They were rolling through — I view their banking situation as money laundering,” Biggs said, pointing back to the bribery scandal.

“Bribery is something completely different” than lobbying, he said. “It’s a direct quid pro quo.”

“And so we know that there’s a direct quid pro quo. They’ve never even contested this on the Ukraine Shokin firing,” he said, referring to the firing of Ukraine’s top prosecutor investigating the company Hunter was involved with at the time.

“Joe Biden basically himself admitted he did the quid pro quo in the infamous video where he says, look, I wasn’t going to give them that billion dollars of foreign aid unless they fired Shokin,” he said.

Ultimately, Biggs said he wishes there had been more time to delve into things during the deposition. The next step is a few more depositions next week, he said, after which they will be able to put the report together and forward it to the Speaker and “see what he wants to do.”

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