Democrats “should be nervous” about losing the state of Michigan, Republican Senate candidate Mike Rogers (R-MI) said during an appearance on Breitbart News Saturday, discussing the state of the race and what he believes is to come.

Rogers, a former congressman who served as chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, noted that many Reagan Democrats have become Trump Democrats.

“You know, places that are really important, you know, those kinds of Reagan Democrats that now have become, you know, Trump Democrats. … That tells you that the Democrats should be nervous about what’s going on here in the state of Michigan. And clearly, the Democrats have been the party of the elite. You know, they don’t buy their own groceries. They don’t pump their own gas. That’s why they’re running around the country saying, ‘Everything is better,'” he said.

“Well, not if you work for a living, and here in Michigan, we work for a living. So that sends a very clear message, I think, and why I think that puts the president in a great place to actually win the state of Michigan. We win the state of Michigan, we will win,” Rogers predicted. “Donald Trump will be the next president, and Mike Rogers is going to be the next United States senator here,” he said.


Breitbart · Mike Rogers – March 2, 2024

“That’s why I think the Democrats are nervous and have been run around the state saying they’re going to put $100 to $150 million here to try to stop us, and we’re not gonna let them do it,” he said, briefly discussing the 100,000 uncommitted voters against President Joe Biden. He noted that a big part of that was driven by the Muslim community, which is upset with Biden for his position on the Israel-Hamas war.

Secondly, however, Rogers said Democrats have a “black male problem here in Michigan.”

“They are drifting away from the Democrats. They are realizing their life was better under a Donald Trump presidency. Their 401k was bigger. Their employment opportunities were better. Their groceries didn’t cost $950 more per month. Matter of fact, I always say that the most expensive vehicle to operate here in the state of Michigan in 2024 is your shopping cart — thank you to Joe Biden and the Democrats,” he said, explaining that people are starting to move away from the Democrat Party.

“That uncommitted vote says that we have an intensity advantage going in … where the Democrats are really divided,” Rogers said, noting that the Democrat Party has “huge” problems and divisions in Michigan, and many of these Democrats are likely not to show up on election day, which is “a huge blow to Democrats.”

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