“Climate change” is tied as the last priority for Americans, a recent Gallup poll found, marking another year that the issue remains the least important priority.

Global warming is now dubbed “climate change.”

Because the earth does not consistently warm, they changed the term to “climate change,” which justifies their claims regardless of whether the earth warms or cools.


(Data source: NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS). Credit: NASA/GISS)

Gallup found it is tied for the nation’s last priority:

The poll comes as leftists celebrated Earth Day on Monday by using it as a political lever to push a radical agenda of transforming the American economy towards socialism.

Earth Day, first designated as an annual event in 1970, has origins that go back to ancient forms of paganism. Nature worship or “earth religion” includes forms of paganism, such as “animism” (a worldview that all animals and plants have a spirit), “Wicca” (worship of “the earth mother goddess” by magic), and “druidism” (the belief that the natural world is synonymous with divinity).

Some people view Earth Day as a “sacred holiday” and “a chance for Pagans to show gratitude to nature,” according to Refinery 29. In that sense, “every day is Earth Day,” pagan author Deborah Blake claimed.

The poll sampled 1,016 adults from March 1-20 with a 4-point margin of error.

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