What they are doing to former President Donald Trump is setting a “disastrous precedent” for the legal system in the United States, Donald Trump Jr. told reporters outside of the courtroom in New York on Tuesday.

Describing the proceedings as an “absolute farce,” Donald Trump Jr. said everyone in America should be “embarrassed” about the “absolute miscarriage of justice” that is being witnessed, as his father is forced to sit in court instead of continuing on the campaign trail. Notably, the former president revealed on Monday that he was forced to cancel a campaign speech that morning because Judge Juan Merchan began the criminal trial earlier than scheduled.

“There’s no crime. The only problem is the witnesses who are experts in these things aren’t allowed to actually testify to that, because you have a rigged system,” Don Jr. explained, highlighting the fact that Judge Merchan has a daughter who is “making millions, millions off of this very case.”

“But you know what, that’s not a problem in New York City — ‘We’re just going to allow it.’ When our defense goes after arguably the least credible witnesses in the history of — I don’t know — witnesses,” he said, “you’re not allowed to ask the damning questions of them.”

He then blasted Michael Cohen, noting that the star witness is a “nine times convicted liar and now, an admitted thief.”

“That is who they’re hanging the entire case on. The other one happens to be a porn star,” he said, referencing Stormy Daniels.

“Not exactly the ultimate form of jurisprudence here. But that’s what you have,” he said, pointing out the absurdity of it all.

“And what it’s doing is setting a disastrous precedent for our legal system, for justice in America,” he said, explaining that if it can happen to someone as massively popular and well-known as Trump, everyone is at risk.

“If it can happen to Donald Trump … with a platform, hundreds of millions of followers, the ability to fight — they will do it to anyone, and they have weaponized this system against their political enemies, and they’ve started to go down a very dangerous and a very slippery slope. This insanity cannot stand,” the eldest Trump son continued, stressing that this kind of blatant bias “cannot be allowed to happen in the United States of America or anywhere else.”

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“If this was going on right now in a third world Banana Republic, there would be people screaming about it. You people — the media — would be outraged. Instead —  because I presume you’re fine with whatever the results are, as long as it’s against Donald Trump — your silence is deafening, and it’s disgusting,” he said, emphasizing that this “cannot stand.”


Don Jr.’s remarks come as the former president’s defense rested in the New York business records trial, doing so after finishing questioning Cohen’s former adviser, Robert Costello.

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Closing arguments are set for Tuesday, May 28, 2024.