This is Ron Paul, and I have a message for you that is both urgent and infuriating.

It has to do with President Biden recently attacking American retirement savers with a vicious financial scheme. And the mainstream media let him get away with it!

He couldn’t get his “Build Back Better” bill passed because everyone knew it would cause more inflation. So, he stubbornly pushed it through Congress as a renamed “H.R. 5376,” otherwise known as the “Inflation Reduction Act.”

In Biden’s own words:

“I think we can break the package up, get as much as we can now and come back and fight for the rest later.”

And they certainly did get a lot out of this bill. Breitbart’s Sean Moran reported:

The Inflation Reduction Act would also add more “fuel” to the “inflation fire,” according to Rep. Jason Smith (R-MO), the ranking member of the House Budget Committee. He explained that the Inflation Reduction Act utilizes budget gimmicks and fake offsets to mask the true cost of the bill. Smith said the bill would add $114 billion to the debt when accounting for Manchin’s fake gimmicks.

Without a doubt, this sneaky move confirms what I’ve always believed. First, governments will never stop printing fiat currency until it is worthless! And second, anyone who hasn’t diversified their retirement savings should consider smarter options, TODAY!

So, is there something you can do?

YES! Physical gold offers an opportunity to escape wealth confiscation. And, if you have an IRA or 401(k), the best way to protect your retirement savings with gold is through a PHYSICAL GOLD IRA.

Why? Because by doing this you avoid taxation just like with any other retirement account. And the gold is in PHYSICAL form. What’s more, you won’t pay a DIME in penalties or taxes when you move your nest egg into gold.

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