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Elon Musk tore into the prosecutors targeting former President Donald Trump, saying it did great damage to the American legal system.

If a former president could be convicted over such a trivial matter, Musk wrote, then “anyone is at risk of a similar fate.”

Elon Musk would know about the dangers of political persecution. After all, the Biden administration is waging 11 different fights against his business empire, ranging from regulatory lawsuits to criminal investigations.

The New York Times reports that Musk’s “recent social media posts suggest he thinks it’s essential that Mr. Biden be defeated in November — and people who have spoken to Mr. Musk privately confirmed that is indeed his view.”

And unlike most people caught up in the regulatory or legal warfare from Biden’s administration, Elon Musk is in a position to fight back.

In fact, according to one data scientist — whose firm predicted Trump’s shock victory in 2016 — Elon Musk’s ultimate revenge against Joe Biden could come as soon as July 18.

It’s not through a barrage of political ad spending. Unlike other deep-pocketed moguls, Musk doesn’t plan to spend a dime on the presidential election.

Instead, this data scientist says, his revenge will be much more straightforward. And on July 18, it will be impossible for Biden to counter.

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