Former President Donald Trump said he has had pilots — who are not “conspiratorial” or “crazy” — tell him they have seen the inexplicable, making the remark during a Q&A about aliens during an appearance on Logan Paul’s Impaulsive podcast.

“I want to talk to you about aliens. So UFOs, UAPs, the disclosure we’ve seen in Congress recently — it’s confusing and upsetting a lot of Americans because something’s going on. There’s something happening. There are unidentified aerial phenomena in the sky. We don’t know what they are. Do you?” Paul asked Trump, who carefully answered the question.

Trump acknowledged that he has heard stories from people — who are not “conspiratorial” or “crazy” — witnessing unidentified objects moving at speeds much faster than their jets.

“So it’s such a question I do get a lot, and it’s such an interesting question. I’ve met with pilots that look just like you, actually. Okay, they have more of a crew cut. Okay. They look like him and look like you. … But these are perfect people. And they’re not conspiratorial, they’re not crazy, and they tell me stories that they’ve seen things that you wouldn’t believe,” Trump said, describing the pilots as “Tom Cruise, but taller.”

“Handsome, perfect people. ‘Sir, there was something there that was round in form and going like four times faster than my super jet fighter plane.’ And I look at these guys, and they really mean it,” Trump said, adding that he is not a believer in “aliens” per se.

“And am I a believer? No. … I can’t say I am. But I have met with people that are serious people that say there’s some really strange things that they see flying around out there,” he said before discussing the attraction to Roswell, New Mexico, known for its paranormal activity — from alleged alien sightings to UFOs.

“But don’t you have access to that information?” Paul asked.

“I have access, but — and I speak to people about it. I’ve had actually meetings on it, and they will tell you, there’s something going on. When they say things, things are going four times faster than my beautiful top of the line airplane. … People that are very smart and very solid have said they believe there is something out there, and you know, makes sense that there could be,” Trump said, adding that he has “never been convinced even despite that.”

“You know, just for some reason, it’s not my thing. But a lot of people believe that it’s true. A lot of very good solid people believe it’s true. I know there are illegal aliens out there, but those are the ones that come to the border. We have plenty of them. Those are the ones I know. When you say “aliens,” I say, ‘Are they illegal aliens?'” Trump continued, joking that “these might be illegal, but we don’t want to test them.”

“Because if they can go four times faster, we’re not going to test it,” Trump said.

When asked if an organization could be hiding information from him about so-called aliens, Trump said, “I guess so.”

Trump continued:

You have the Deep State … and certainly they could, but I don’t think on this subject. I was interested in it because I’ve been asked so many times. And I talked to people that have said that they’ve, you know, it was a sighting. And it’s very believable. It’s very possible that there is something, and why wouldn’t there be? You know, you take a look at the universe and you see all of the different planets and you see this, you know, look, here we are, one relatively small planet. Why wouldn’t it be on a planet that’s, you know, 400 times the size? Why wouldn’t there be some something, somebody? So, you know, it’s certainly believable to me.


This has been an ongoing topic of interest, as others have shared their view. Famed conservative journalist Tucker Carlson, for example, has discussed his view, concluding that there is most certainly a “spiritual component” to the “alien” questions: