Legal analyst Philip Holloway discussed intelligence community leaks, sanctuary cities, federal funding, and other issues with Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Alex Marlow on Tuesday.

Concerning recent intelligence leaks involving Trump, Holloway said, “The smoking gun if you will hear that a crime has occurred is any given newspaper article the New York Times, or whatever, that cites unnamed sources in the intelligence community tell us XYZ – because if X,Y and Z is classified material and the New York Times or any other media outlet is reporting on it, that’s the smoking gun, and you can make the argument that that is sedition.”

Continued Holloway, “I mean it’s really Watergate on steroids because you have the federal government itself, this inner machinery, operating directly against the commander-in-chief and operating against the best interests of the United States. So that is the smoking gun.”

Holloway said it is “breathtaking that you’ve got members of the intelligence community committing treason, or, you know, espionage against its own government. It blows my mind, and I think it needs to be the primary focus of all of these investigations.”

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