TV advertisers may be preparing to turn the NFL’s biggest game into the “Social Justice Bowl” with hours of woke commercials and messaging.

If reports on the ads coming for Super Bowl LV are to be believed, the funny and heartwarming ads, the cute kids and heroic animals will be running alongside Black Lives Matter themes.

Along with social justice activism, advertisers may be preparing commercials filled with coronavirus messaging as well, according to Front Office Sports.

Bill Oberlander, the co-founder of the social justice ad agency OBERLAND, insisted that marketers can no longer “duck” racial, social, and political issues.

“It’s going to be ‘Black Lives Matter,’ it’s going to be COVID. It’s going to be [about] coming together,” Oberlander said of the coming commercial onslaught.

Oberlander cited a recent Apple Beats ad entitled, You Love Me, featuring tennis champ Naomi Osaka and NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace. In which sports celebrities suggest that America loves black performers, athletes, and culture, but not necessarily black people. This sort of activism is what Oberlander thinks will fill the airwaves between plays for Super Bowl LV.

“I can’t imagine that advertisers are not going to use this as an opportunity to speak up on behalf of their brands — or on behalf of the social impact that’s going on all around,” Oberlander exclaimed.

CBS is set to charge advertisers $5.5 million per thirty-second spot, and in the past, up to $400 million has been spent on Super Bowl ads. Still, the coronavirus may keep some advertisers away from the Super Bowl this coming year, especially movie advertisers, since Hollywood will have been mostly shut down for a year by game time.

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