Europe has been suffering through a drought of historic proportions, but with water being rationed across the region. As a result, climate activists are taking aim at golf courses.

France is in the midst of its fourth heat wave as authorities claim that it is the worst drought in modern history, the Associated Press reported last week.

Authorities are beginning to issue water rationing, and farmers are already reporting drops in the production of soy, sunflower, and corn, the AP added.

Unfortunately, the heat wave is also bringing wildfires that have become difficult to deal with. Wildfires in northern Spain and France, for instance, caused the evacuation of thousands of residents. Several were killed by the conflagration sending climate change activists to begin posting messages proclaiming “Climate change kills.”

Activists associated with Extinction Rebellion have not limited themselves to placards and slogans. Last week they began stealing onto golf courses and filling golf course holes with cement to shut the courses down.

The activists insisted that golf is the “leisure industry of the most privileged.”

The activists were furious after government officials exempted golf courses from the water rationing. However, Gerard Rougier of the French Golf Federation defended the exemptions, saying, “A golf course without a green is like an ice-rink without ice,” according to Reuters.

Extinction Rebellion responded to the exemptions with signs reading, “his hole is drinking 277,000 litres. Do you drink that much? #Stop Golf,” Reuters added.

A petition was also launched to revoke the exemptions.

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