Delingpole: Donald Trump Trolls Londonistan Like a Boss…

President Trump has offended pretty much the entirety of Britain’s political and media establishment up to and including the Prime Minister, the Mayor of London and the Archbishop of Canterbury. As a result, the Special Relationship is once more in jeopardy, and Trump has decided to cancel a planned working visit to the United Kingdom.

This combination of files pictures created on June 5, 2017 shows Mayor of London Sadiq Khan after visiting Borough High Street in London on June 5, 2017, the site of the June 3 terror attack, near to Borough Market and US President Donald Trump during his meeting with the Israeli …

Saudi Paper Lashes UK: ‘You Are an Assembly Line for Terrorists’

JAFFA, Israel – A prominent Saudi media outlet is striking back at British officials who accused the kingdom of fanning the flames of terror. The British officials relied on a German intelligence report and similar statements by German officials indicating that

beheading british muslims

Phillips Warns of ‘Civilizational Battle’ Between Islam and the West

In a lecture on “The Paris Massacres and the Freedom of Speech,” British journalist Melanie Phillips singled out Islam as being the root cause of the violent extremism in the Paris and Copenhagen attacks ,and warned that radical ideologies stemming from the interpretation of the religion’s teachings are a direct threat to western values and the civilization as a whole.

Melanie Phillips (Adelle Nazarian / Breitbart News)