James Delingpole

James Delingpole

Delingpole: The Atlantic Declares ‘When Harry Met Sally’ Sexist, ‘Quiet Cruelty’

So you thought that “When Harry Met Sally” — the classic 80s rom-com which recently celebrated its 30th anniversary with a competition at Katz’s deli in New York to see who could do the best fake orgasm — was a triumph for its writer Nora Ephron, its star Meg Ryan, and the depiction of rounded, female characters generally?


Delingpole: Boris Johnson May Be a Massive Disappointment

Just because I believe that Boris Johnson is the best hope of saving the Conservative party from total destruction, bringing about a full, swift Brexit, and averting a Venezuela-style Marxist tyranny under Jeremy Corbyn doesn’t mean I think he’s going to deliver…


Watch: Sky News Eco Propaganda Gets Ratioed on Twitter

Headlined ‘Our carbon debt’, the short video tries to reposition the Industrial Revolution – the single greatest leap in living standards in the history of the world – as a terrible mistake for which we should now make amends.

June 1942: Workman at an electric phosphate smelting furnace in a Tennessee Valley Authority chemical plant near Muscle Shoals. (Photo by Alfred T. Palmer/MPI/Getty Images)