Antifa tricked some conservatives with a website which advertised free “anti-Antifa” t-shirts, before publishing their names and addresses.

The far-left trolls, who masqueraded as allies of an upcoming rally called “National March Against Far-Left Violence,” started a website and advertised free “anti-anti-fascist t-shirts.”

“But the website appears to have been a trap by antifa, who turned around and published the names and addresses they’d collected from the website,” reported the Daily Beast, who claimed around “three dozen people” tried to get the t-shirts.

Furthermore, the official Facebook page for the rally had even advertised the website, seemingly unaware that it was created by far-left trolls.

“This ‘patriot’ came out of no where with an already built web page saying it was built to donate to the cause,” declared the rally’s official Facebook page. “A gift to this cause. Turns out it’s not and it was a fake website made to lure people into it. We are sorry about that.”

“Some infiltrators created a website and due to the share number of mutual friends I trusted that it was legitimate,” they continued. “They were just supposed to put out information but instead put up a phony order form for tea [sic] shirts… The authorities have been notified and are extremely interested because it appears that interstate fraud has been committed… The Antifa infiltrators made a big mistake by attempting to take phony t-shirt orders because now they are engaged in an actual crime.”

Charlie Nash is a reporter for Breitbart Tech. You can follow him on Twitter @MrNashington, or like his page at Facebook.