Former President Donald Trump’s policies are more beneficial to voters across a swath of demographics than policies put forth by President Joe Biden, according to a New York Times-Siena College poll published Sunday.

The poll asked 823 registered voter respondents whether both Trump and Biden’s policies have “helped” or “hurt” them personally. A plurality of 43 percent of voters say that Biden’s policies have “hurt” them, whereas just 18 percent say Biden’s policies helped them. Another 39 percent feel Biden’s actions have “not made much of a difference either way” to them personally.

Trump’s numbers among all respondents are significantly inverted compared to Biden’s. A plurality of 40 percent say Trump’s policies “helped” them personally, while 25 percent say the policies negatively affected them. The remaining 34 percent did not report being affected one way or another.

An even more troubling sign for Biden and a positive signal for Trump becomes apparent when focusing on sub-groups of the respondents, including Latino, black, and women voters. Of Latinos polled, only 15 percent say Biden’s policies have benefited them, while 36 percent feel the policies have harmed them, and 49 percent say they have not made a positive or negative impact. Conversely, 37 percent of Latino respondents say Trump’s policies helped them, while 22 percent say they “hurt” them. Just over 40 percent of Latinos feel they are not affected one way or another by his policies.

More black voters say they have benefited from Trump’s policies than Biden’s. Twenty-six percent of black voters say their lives improved thanks to Trump’s agenda, while 17 percent say Biden’s policies “helped” them personally. Conversely, 21 percent of black respondents feel they have been harmed by Biden’s policies, while Trump’s “hurt” 24 percent. More than 60 percent of black respondents say Biden’s policies have neither hurt nor helped them, while just under five in ten say the same of Trump’s.

The trend continues with women. More say Biden’s policies have negatively impacted them (40 percent) than positively impacted them (18 percent). In comparison, 41 percent have not seen positive or negative effects from his policies. Trump is well above water in this regard, as well. A plurality of 39 percent of women say his policies benefit them, while 26 percent say they have been negatively impacted.

The poll was conducted between February 25 and 28, and the margin of error is ± 4.2 percent for the 823 respondents. It also finds that 73 percent of respondents think Biden is too old to be an effective president, as Breitbart News noted.

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