A man who climbed onto a plane’s wing as it was preparing to take off from an airport in Nigeria on Friday has been arrested, authorities said.

An Instagram video of the incident filmed by one of the passengers showed the unidentified man crawling on the plane’s wing at Nigeria’s international airport in Lagos while the passengers inside frantically looked to the flee the aircraft.

The unidentified man walked toward the aircraft on the runway when the pilot spotted him, prompting the pilot to slow down and turn off his engine while the man continued to wander about the aircraft, the airline Azman Air told CNN in a statement.

The man then allegedly tried to jump onto a wing of the plane where he could access the cabin, at which the pilot radioed everyone on the tarmac to report the intruder, according to the airline.

Federal Aviation Authority of Nigeria spokeswoman Henrietta Yakubu told the Daily Mail that the plane taxied back to its terminal, where it was thoroughly inspected before departing for its destination at Port Harcourt.

The Friday incident took place in the domestic terminal at Murtala Muhammed International airport in Lagos. Nigeria’s airport authority said in a statement that the man is in custody and is being questioned.