Katherine Rodriguez

Katherine Rodriguez

Anonymous Donor Pays Off Mortgage for Cat Rescue

Tammy Nemec and her 80 rescue cats were on the brink of homelessness when their lease ran out at their former rental home. Then the community and a Good Samaritan stepped in and turned things around.

Tammy Nemec and her 80 rescue cats were on the …

Community Comes Together to Replace Man’s Life Savings

A West Virginia woman was shocked to hear that her grandfather lost his $6,500 in life savings, but she was even more shocked at the overwhelming support he got from people he did not even know to replace the money.

Help for Harod

Ex-Ohio Superintendent Who Had Sex with Teen Busted by Video

A pregnant Ohio school superintendent who admitted in court to having sex with a 16-year-old student had been filmed having sex in her office while she served as principal. She was later caught when the teen showed the video to his friends.

Laura Amero

Hundreds Camp Out Overnight Before Colorado Trump Rally

Hundreds of President Donald Trump’s die-hard supporters have been camping out since Wednesday morning, braving the elements and staying out overnight in the hopes of securing a good spot for the rally.

People line up in the rain and icy weather outside the SNHU arena hours ahead of President Trump's rally in Manchester, New Hampshire on February 10, 2020. - The state is especially in the spotlight this year after Iowa's caucus, in which participants publicly display their support for a candidate …

5-Year-Old Boy Meets His Blood Donors

It is not often that blood donors meet their recipients, but one donor found out on Friday that her donation saved the life of a four-month-old in 2015.

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