MSNBC network contributor Charlie Sykes said Friday on “Deadline” that former President Donald Trump was the “seditionist-in-chief.”

Sykes said, “I think the prospect of domestic violence rises with every passing statement from the ex-president. We talked about the seditionist caucus in the House of Representatives. He is the seditionist-in-chief. It all flows from him. The fact that he issued a statement saying our hearts and minds are with the people who are being persecuted as a result of January 6th, that was a stunning moment. We talk about normalization too much. That not only normalized the political violence of January 6th, it tries to revise them into patriotic heroes.”

He added, “That will have implications. That’s why you are having more of this bubbling threat out there as well as some really loose talk about secession. It’s hard to know how it ends if somebody as prominent as Donald Trump continues to pour kerosene on the fire, and his fellow Republicans refuse to push back. As far as I know, there was absolutely zero pushback yesterday when the president of the United States praised those rioters, many of whom beat and attacked and injured police officers. There was zero pushback, which would suggest that this is a party that will either embrace violence or pretend it will go away on its own, which will not happen.”

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