Monday, Job Creators Network chief communications officer Elaine Parker discussed the small business advocate’s upcoming lawsuit to block the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate for businesses with over 100 employees.

Parker told Fox Business Network’s “Cavuto: Coast to Coast” that President Joe Biden was “disingenuous” with his framing of the mandate as intended to impact big businesses. She said the mandate would really negatively impact small businesses.

“I have to take issue with how the Biden administration has been framing this from the beginning in that it’s about big businesses.” Parker outlined. “The fact is when you think of big businesses, you think of Deltas and the Coca-Colas, but this mandate is going to impact businesses that have 100 employees or more, and the SBA defines a small business as under 500. So, if you’re a restaurant owner and you’ve got two or three locations, it doesn’t take you long to hit that threshold. And if you’re a small business or a private business in general and you want your employees vaccinated, and you make that decision, that’s one thing. It’s a whole different ball game when the federal government comes in and forces businesses to police their employees, to provide paid time off for weekly testing or vaccines, or will slap them with a $14,000 fine for noncompliance. You know, it’s just ridiculous. So, this lawsuit is going to be filed when the rule comes out to block this mandate.”

“This isn’t our first step. This isn’t what we wanted to do. We don’t want to file litigation, but it is a tool in our toolbox to defend small businesses,” she added. “I’ve been traveling the country for weeks, speaking with small business owners, and I spoke with … a trucking company in the Midwest, and he’s over the threshold, and he said I just can’t afford to lose any employees over this mandate. He said, you know if I lose one trucker who goes down the street to my competitor who is under that threshold, he said, I’m done, I can’t meet my orders, and I can’t meet the American needs. And so we’re going to use this litigation; we’re going to block this litigation. We think it’s disingenuous that they keep framing it about big business because it’s really going to impact small business. And we’re going to defend them just like we have in the past.”

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